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Mitrophanov Vladimir Petrovich, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of general history,
historiography and archaeology, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. In the Russian historiography of the agrarian history of England during the late Middle Ages there is a number of significant researches. These include the monographs and articles by A. Savin, S. Archangelsky, V. Semenov, V. Shtokmar, M. Vinokurova etc. The interest in farming especially clearly manifested itself in the second half of the 20-th century. However, the published sources on the farms of the 16th and 17th centuries are not adequately reflected in the pages of scientific works. The aim of this paper is to examine the works of Russian authors on the agrarian history of England and to determine the degree of development of farming in the history during the period of XVI – first half of XVII century, as well as to identify the existing points of view and approaches.
Materials and methods. The research results were achieved through application of the dialectical method of cognition of historical processes, which incorporates the principles of Historicism, objectivity and consistency that have allowed to identify the substantive side of the question, points of view and scientific approaches of Russian historians in the study of the history of English farming of XVI – first half of XVII century.
Results. Studying of works on the agrarian history of England of the XVI–XVIII centuries by Russian historians showed that they achieved considerable progress in research of many questions of the agrarian history of England of this period, but the history of early farming is still insufficiently studied regarding local materials (diaries, expenses books of certain farmers, other sources), and the English kingdom in whole.
Conclusions. In the Russian historiography of the history of English farming of the 16-th – mid-17-th century the scientists partly researched the question of farmers’ participation in the process of enclosures and, to a lesser extent, examined their economic activities on the base of local materials. Poorly studied is the dynamics of distribution of farms across the country in the period of XVI – first half of the XVII century, transformation of feudal lines, participation of farms as producers of agricultural products in the food market and some other issues of their business activities and daily life.

Key words

russian historians, farmers, agrarian history, enclosures, A. Savin, S. Archangelsky, V. Semenov, V. Shtokmar, M. Vinokurova.

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